Free stuff

12 columns of numbers

This is the linear approach to understanding the 12x Spiral

Metatrons cube Radial Drawing VocabSheet copy

Bubble Letters

Print and color

Systems of Equations

Only 1 pair of numbers (x,y) can solve both equations!

Understanding Numbers Visually

Understanding Numbers Visually


Learn How Geometry and Art can work together

Pemdas and Order

Color the letters and study the concept

The Geometry of Shadows!

An activity sheet for figuring out how tall trees or buildings are

Dr. Dre's math for baller

Help Dr. Dre become the Richest Rapper alive!

Mindfulness Coloring Sheet

Mindfulness Coloring Sheet

A place to download some of the materials we have made.

12x Patterns sheet

Find the patterns of multiplication

Learn the factors and their patterns

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